About Cellairis

About Cellairis

An industry leader in providing cutting-edge tech accessories, Cellairis, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is committed to offering a wide range of modern and sophisticated products for every personality. Cellairis recognizes that consumers want their technology to match their lifestyle, and the company is dedicated to creating quality wireless accessories that are fun, fearless and fashionable.

Premier brand collaborations—such as Cellairis by Justin Bieber, Cellairis by Elle & Blair, Cellairis by Cody Simpson and the luxury LK (Lily Kwong) collection—provide customers with on-trend and unique accessories.

Customers across the world have access to Cellairis’ vast array of wireless merchandise, as well as specialty services like customization and phone repair offered through mall-based kiosks, inline stores and e-commerce. Operating a unique franchise model, Cellairis delivers exceptional service online and at each location globally.

Our Mission

We Make Mobile An Expression Of Your Lifestyle.

At Cellairis®, we continue to foster and create an enterprise that creates jobs for our friends, families, communities and franchisees throughout the world.

Our Commitment

Cellairis® is committed to creating quality products that are socially meaningful and work to enhance the lifetime of your devices, in style.  With Cellairis, come to expect more.


Three friends with drive and a dream… and the help of family and friends to succeed.

Taki Skouras, along with twin brothers Joseph and Jaime Brown, could always be counted on to seize a business opportunity. Each growing up from humble beginnings, they had a deep-rooted respect for the incredible work ethic of their parents. Their families worked hard to make ends meet and always struggled to get ahead. It was their example and “never-give-up” attitude that led Taki, Joseph and Jaime to make sacrifices and discipline themselves throughout their quest for success and innovation.

The guys first met in 1995 while attending college in Florida. To help pay tuition, they started a ‘night club promotions’ business, seizing the opportunity to make a profit on off-nights at local clubs. Instead of spaces sitting empty on a particular night of the week, the three guys would book talent, run the operations, and promote the evening’s event to turn out a crowd.

Four years later, the trio pulled everything they had together and began experimenting with the mall kiosk business. The guys headed to Atlanta, Ga., in early 2000 with the small amount of money they made to experiment with a new concept: wireless accessories.

Committed to turning just about every dollar into growth, the guys each took home $167 a week for the first two years making sure every dollar they made was put right back in the business. The guys were originally set up for business in the basement of a friend’s house. Their entrepreneurial spirit translated almost overnight when they officially opened Global Cellular in March 2000.

In April 2000 the three set up shop at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, Ga. Dressed in shirts and ties for their first big day of business, the trio sold $1243 worth of accessories. 30 days later, they opened their second location in Cumberland Mall in Cobb, Ga. Simultaneously, Jaime moved to Maryland to open four more locations in the Baltimore region, while Taki’s sister opened a store in Virginia Beach. After several years of building a business concept and taking a liking to the franchise model, Global Cellular emerged into Cellairis Franchise Inc., in 2005 with over 150 stores. As Jaime drove around the United States opening stores, Taki and Joseph kept busy in Atlanta finding vendors and top of the line products for all of the stores, while also building an infrastructure franchise system and distribution center.

It wasn’t long before more and more family and friends got involved and steadily expanded the network throughout the United States. They continue to apply passion and dedication to strengthen the company each day. Consistently striving to grow and innovate, Cellairis® is proud to be able to share the success of the company with friends, family, their loyal employees and their charitable partners.